Washington State Graduation Requirements

Meet class credit requirements

Students must earn 22 credits - 3.0 English, 2.0 math (3.0 math for the Class of 2013 and beyond), 2.0 science (including one lab science), 3.0 social studies (including a .5 of Washington State History, as completed in middle school or through our independent study), .5 health and 1.5 fitness, 1.0 visual or performing arts, 1.0 occupational education and electives to equal 22 total.

Earn a Certificate of Academic Achievement

Students must meet standard on the 10th-grade High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE) in reading and writing.  Students must also meet standard on a math End-of-Course exam (EOC) as of 2013 and take a Biology EOC starting in 2012 (see Testing and Assessment section of website for more information).

Complete a High School and Beyond Plan

Students must detail their plan for meeting the high school graduation requirements and what they expect to do the year after graduation.