Staff & Faculty

ORLA staff are committed to your success and all of our teachers are certified educators. Get to know the people at ORLA.

Celeste Waltermeyer Administrator 360-596-7730
Kristy Grinnell Assistant Administrator 360-596-7730
Inger Owen Program Manager 360-596-7730
Cheryl Baker  Assistant Secretary 360-596-7730
Krista Warren Admin Asst./Registrar 360-596-7730
Cassy Gilbertson Paraeducator Library 360-596-7755
Patricia Coon IT Resource Specialist 360-596-7739
Corrine Taiji School Counselor 360-596-6283


Karina Champion 360-596-7730
Beth Farrar 360-596-7732
Hazel Gilley 360-596-7751
Annie Hankins 360-596-7740
Cristy Havens 360-596-7744
Laura Herman 360-596-7745
Lorana Hoopes 360-596-7746
Lea Mitchell 360-596-7730
Kara Peterson 360-596-7730
Taryn Veloni 360-596-7747
Michelle Whittaker 360-596-7749
Steve Youngs 360-596-7753


Brig Lohman 360-596-6291
Linda Nelson 360-596-7730   
Chanda Martin 360-596-7730
Nikolai Gurda  360-596-7730
Tiffany Sabatini 360-596-7730
Morris Sandvig  360-596-7730
Stephanie Soicher 360-596-7730
Kristin Weed 360-596-7730
Kris Zitny 360-596-7730

iConnect Academy

Noah Ashenhurst 360-596-7741
Sheryl Landers 360-596-7742


Learning Facilitators  - 360-596-7730 for messages.

Amy Goldsby

Angela Leonard

April Allen

Craig Costello

Eileen Haydu

Greg Allison

Joe Oca

Linda Hunter

Marilyn Piper

Mark Davis

Randy Edwards

Randy Grostick

Sarah Fuller

Heather McKenna

Heather Wood