2022-23 School Year ORLA Montessori Zoom Meetings


Meetings are complete for the Lottery for the 2022-23 School Year  


If you are interested in Montessori enrollment please complete the Google Interest Form below to receive a Zoom link to the next meeting. Attendance at only one meeting is necessary. Attending the meeting is necessary to receive the registration paperwork to be accepted into the Lottery.



Please: only complete the online registration form on the OSD Website if your student has been accepted into the ORLA lottery. If your student has not been accepted into the ORLA lottery and you complete the online registration, your application will NOT be processed.

ORLA currently offers the following grades for the 2021-2022 school year:

  • 4 -   Kindergarten (5 years old by August 31) - 2nd grades
  • 3 - 3rd - 5th grades


Is Montessori Right for My Child?  


ORLA Montessori 2018 Video with Teachers



OSD Choice Program Lottery event. Enrollment information can be found on our student enrollment page.  You may view a recording of the 2021 presentation here. A copy of the slideshow is also available. 

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