School Performance Report - hConnect/ORLA Online

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About Our School

Patrick Murphy, Superintendent

Frank Reed, Principal

Stacey Anderson, Interim Principal, ORLA Online



The Olympia Regional Learning Academy is comprised of four separate programs that provide unique learning opportunities for students:

  • ORLA hConnect is for students in grades K-12 and offers support to families who serve as their children’s primary educator through home-based instruction. Parents may enroll their children in a wide variety of on-site classes in the core subject areas of science, language arts, social studies and math as well as offerings in world languages, visual and performing arts, music, technology, physical education/health, poetry and many others. Parents may also choose from a wide assortment of curriculum for use in their coursework at home. Families meet regularly with certificated staff to discuss their children’s individual learning plans. To view our current course offerings, visit ORLA's Webpages .
  • ORLA Online offers students in grades k-12 a quality education with the flexibility to choose the time of day and place where they work on their classes in an online format. Students may be enrolled full-time or they may be enrolled part-time and dually enrolled with another OSD high school.
  • ORLA Montessori provides multi-age classes observing and supporting the natural development of children for K-5th grades. ORLA Montessori follows the educational model established by Maria Montessori, where the teacher serves as an observer and guide. Learning is child-directed and emphasizes the freedom to learn, combined with child responsibility.
  • ORLA MSA (Middle School Academy) MSA is an Alternative Learning Experience School (ALE). Students are part of an academically focused 6-7-8 middle school that is made up of small class sizes, block scheduling to provide time for deeper learning and exploration, teachers who team together to create units of learning that complement the core subjects of math, ELA, science, and social studies, once a month field trips that provide hands-on learning opportunities, and on-campus requirements that are not full day, every day.

ORLA is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission and Association of Education Service Districts in the 2018-2023 school years.


2020-21 School Facts

Based on the October 2020 enrollment report, there were 171 students enrolled at ORLA.



 Student Demographics         

 Hispanic/Latino of any race(s)   
 8.8%       Male students
 American Indian/Alaskan Native
0.0%    Female students
 Asian 5.3%    
 Black/African American

 72.5%     Free & Reduced Price Meals
 Two or More Races 12.3%
 Special Education


Teacher Information

  • Number of classroom teachers: 24
  • Average years of teacher experience: 15.3
  • Teachers with at least a Master's Degree: 70.8%



2020-21 District Operating Budget 




 Building Administration
 $8,138,680  5.74%
 Maintenance & Operations    $7,927,952  5.60%
 District Support
 $8,389,655  5.92%
 $3,480,019  2.46%
 Utilities & Insurance  $4,098,644  2.89%
 Food Service
 $2,723,756  1.92%
 Other  $56,723  0.04%
 Total Expenditures  $142,286,695  100.00%




 $26,151,733  18.16%
 Federal    $9,194,223  6.38%
 Other Sources                          
 $1,270,827  0.88%
 Total Revenue  $143,013,161  99%

Washington Comprehensive Assessment Program

Fewer than 85 students in ORLA hConnect and ORLA Online grades 3-11 participated in state testing. OSPI suppresses scores for small student groups. 


ORLA Mission Statement

The Olympia Regional Learning Academy provides a unique learning environment with high academic standards. Staff and families collaborate to provide a safe and supportive community where students are valued as individuals. Through diverse and innovative educational opportunities, our students are empowered and prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Olympia School District Vision

We envision a supportive environment that promotes trust, growth and achievement of the highest standards. We build our capacity for success through leading-edge programs and operations based on continuous improvement. We have 100 percent commitment to quality and excellence in all things.


National Assessment of Educational Progress

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is a survey of grade student achievement in core subject areas. NAEP measures what students across the country know and can do in 10 subject areas, including mathematics, reading, writing, and science. Current state level results may be viewed here.

To learn more about NAEP, visit this page.


For More Information If you would like more details about student achievement and demographics, visit the OSPI website and select reports by district or school.

If you would like other information about ORLA, please call (360) 596-7730.