End Of Year Drawing and Jewelry Online Galleries

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Jewelry and Drawing Galleries
Ben sitting with butterfly wings under umbrella

Our Jewelry Creations
Check out some of our creations from Spring 2022. This jewelry was designed and created by 6th - 12th grade students at Olympia Regional Learning Academy, a public school of choice in Olympia, Washington. Many thanks to the many community members who donated old jewelry that we took apart and up-cycled, to JS for helping us photograph and post our creations, and to ES for being an amazing TA and mentor.


Next year we will be selling someocean ring 2022 of our work, adding community partnerships to expand our ability to get and process donations, and expanding the class to include up-cycling clothing and macrame design.


Contact [email protected] if you have old jewelry, display stands, or tools you would like to donate to our program or are a jewelry artist who would like to visit our class.


Made with love Online Jewelry Gallery


Made with love Online Drawing Gallery