k-5 Online iConnect Academy

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k-5 Online iConnect Academy

K-5 iConnect classes with Ashley Arvidson 


Commonly asked questions:

What courses will be available to my k-5 iConnect student?
K-5 students may choose grade level classes in ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science and Art.

In how many classes may a student enroll?
This semester, k-5 students may enroll in a maximum of TWO iConnect classes.

How do students enroll in an iConnect class?
Families complete the “ADD” portion of the add/drop form found 

Will families need to complete intent to homeschool paperwork if they have not already done so? How do they do this? Intent to homeschool form is required and can be completed at this link. Families may also come into the ORLA office to collect and complete the paperwork.

Will k-5 iConnect students be able to continue in their hConnect classes?

Will k-5 iConnect students be able to continue in their VAO classes?
No. The VAO classes and teachers offer full-time, grade level remote learning experiences. Families wanting individual classes will be placed in the 1 or 2 iConnect classes of their choice.

Who will be teaching/overseeing the iConnect classes?
Elementary teachers from around the district will be supporting our iConnect students by working with a very small group of students and families. Teacher assignments will be made by administration during the month of October.

How will my students receive their IEP, 504, speech, OT/PT, etc services? What is that process and who should they contact?
iConnect students will receive any special services from their local school. If the student has a current IEP on file, the family should reach out to their case manager with any questions. Students who receive any OT/PT/speech services should contact their local school to arrange for testing and/or schedule services.

What curriculum will be used for iConnect classes?
FlexPoint Curriculum.