What iConnect Academy students say about their online learning experience!


I love how I can choose my pace, which hours of the day I work, when I want to start and finish my courses, and how the teachers give us charts to help us manage our schedules. - K.A.


My favorite part of the program is the one-on-one help you get from the teachers. What makes it work for me is the set up. Having a section to work on and that section being broken up into different parts, and learning one thing at a time. It makes things very easy and makes retaining the information easy. - A.G.


My favorite part of iConnect is that the teachers are not just regular teachers, they are more like guides. It is not a regular student teacher relationship, it's more informal which I love. The teachers are able to help me at any given moment. It’s a lot better than having thirty students in a class and the teacher not having any time for you. - J.M.B.


What I like about the program is the format and how you can go at your own pace. What makes it work for me is that I don't have to deal with feeling peoples’ eyes on me 24/7. - M.M.


The things that I love about online school are there's no one to judge you or disrespect you and there aren't other kids disrupting the classroom. It's also great because you can learn anywhere you want. I've gone to Borders and Starbucks to work and when the weather is nice, I've worked in the park using the 3G Network! - A.A.


This program allows more individual attention. That helps me with my time management skills, and my work ethics. I love being able to be in school basically wherever and whenever I want. - J.C.