The ORLA front office is open daily during the school year from 8:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

What sets the iConnect Academy apart from other schools is that our teachers are located in your community and our blended learning approach is one of the fastest growing models in education nationally.

Students and their teachers get to know each other through weekly face-to-face interactions.

Students are also able to interact with peers, online and in-person, and easily get help from their teachers with especially difficult concepts or topics. We offer students the full range of blended learning courses needed to earn a high school diploma with the flexibility of working anytime day, or night, anywhere there is Internet access. Course pacing guides are tailored to the student and are based on the student's entire course load.

iConnect Academy is primarily a high school program, but we do offer some middle school level courses as well. See our FAQ page for details. High school students have the advantage of receiving individualized support with all their coursework from our teachers while earning a diploma that carries with it the excellent reputation of the Olympia School District.