July 2020

Letters from Celeste to ORLA Montessori

July 2020


Dear Montessori Families,


Thank you for your incredible patience and understanding as we plan for next year. Though the district committee is still deciding on what next year will look like I wanted to let you know about the decisions that have been made for next year regarding Montessori. 


Due to many factors, we have decided to change the grade bands in Montessori. This will allow teachers in the hybrid model to have focused lessons on the days they see students with 2-grade bands instead of three. In our mock class lists we did the best we could to keep students with the same teacher however that wasn’t always the case. (Class Lists are not available until late August.)


Next year the following teacher will be teaching the following grade levels:

  • Kristin Weed, Kristine Zitny, and Isabella Rogol will be teaching K-1

  • Heather Quantrell and DeLinda Terry will be teaching 2-3 

  • Claire McGibbon will be teaching 4-5

  • Linda Nelson will be teaching 5-6

A lot of time and consideration went into making this decision but as with all the uncertainty right now things may change again. Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding. If you have any questions, concerns, and/or have made a decision that you are not returning to Montessori please let us know. 



Celeste Waltermeyer, Administrator

Kristy Grinnell, Assistant Administrator

Krista Johnson, Program Manager

Celeste Waltermeyer, Administrator
Olympia Regional Learning Academy
Olympia School District
(360) 596-7730