ORLA’s hConnect program is a partnership between educational staff and caregivers to deliver a personalized learning experience for students. In this model, caregivers and students work with ORLA staff to design a learning plan that outlines what part of a student’s learning will take place at home with the caregiver as the primary teacher and which parts will take place through ORLA’s alternative learning classes.


Students can be enrolled full or part time and classes are available for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. ORLA also offers opportunities for students to earn an Olympia School District High School Diploma or the freedom to pursue a homeschool transcript.


Intent to Homeschool Form



Information Meetings

The first step in exploring enrollment in hConnect is to attend an hConnect Information Meeting. This meeting will provide details about the hConnect program and the unique requirements for Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) programs in Washington State.

The next hConnect Information Meeting will be held on:

Thursday, October 6th at 9AM

Please sign up to attend an hConnect Information Meeting using THIS FORM.

Upon completion of the form, the Zoom link for the meeting will be emailed to you.

At this time, meetings are conducted via Zoom.


Intent to Homeschool Form

Transfers & Enrollment


All ORLA programs are considered OSD Choice Programs and require a transfer request from your neighborhood school or district. The transfer process is managed by OSD’s Offices of Elementary and Secondary Education at the district office. Please complete the following steps to request a transfer to the hConnect Program at ORLA:

1. Attend an hConnect Information Meeting to learn more about the program.

2. Do not unenroll from your current school.

3. Complete OSD Transfer Request

4. Out-of-district students complete Choice Transfer Request from Washington State.

Upon approval of your transfer request from the Offices of Elementary or Secondary Education, reach out to the ORLA Office to proceed with enrollment. If you have not already attended an Information Meeting, you will need to do so prior to enrollment.

If your student is currently enrolled in an OSD school, ORLA’s registrar can easily transfer the enrollment over and provide a few additional documents that are required for ALE programs and homeschooled students. Out of district students need to have a completed Choice Transfer form and complete the online registration process. ORLA’s registrar can assist you with this process.


Intent to Homeschool Form

Course & Scheduling Information

 Once your students are active at ORLA and you have access to Skyward’s Family Access, you are ready to schedule your student in their hConnect classes! ORLA uses Arena Scheduling within Skyward where caregivers select classes for their students in grades K-8 or those pursuing a homeschool transcript for high school.


High school students need to meet with an ORLA staff member to schedule courses in order to ensure on-time graduation. At this time, students will also learn about other options that can be incorporated into their schedule, including Running Start or New Market Skill Center.



 Arena Scheduling will be open for schedule changes during the following windows. Those enrolling outside these windows will be added to courses by an ORLA staff member.

  •  September 20-22, 2022
  • October 11-13, 2022

Intent to Homeschool Form


Ensuring Success in hConnect


Washington state has some unique requirements for those participating in and Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) program. The purpose is to ensure student success and demonstrate results quickly since a traditional school program may have already proven unsuccessful for a student. Through monthly progress reporting and implementation of intervention plans, ORLA strives to find solutions for all students.


Monthly Progress

Each month, teachers complete a progress report for students that determines whether they have made adequate monthly progress. Two-way communication regarding student progress is required and is completed in Skyward Family Access. Each month, caregivers will receive an email notification alerting that progress has been posted to Skyward. At that time, caregivers go in and acknowledge receipt for each enrolled student. Responses to progress are due within a certain number of days upon delivery so be sure to adhere to the due dates communicated each month.


Intervention Plans

Students not making adequate monthly progress will have a conference with ORLA staff and be placed on an intervention plan. This is a collaborative process between a caregiver, student, and ORLA staff member. It may include items such as increased onsite attendance, dropping a course, using a school planner, regular teacher check-ins, and more. These are designed to support students so they can be successful in the learning plan developed for them.


It is important to note that being on an intervention plan for multiple months may result in a student needing to transfer to another school program. Washington State limits the number of months in which a student does not make satisfactory progress in their coursework within Alternative Learning programs.


Additional Resources


If you are combining hConnect or online coursework with homeschooling, you must complete the Declaration of Intent to Homeschool.



Statement of Understanding regarding Alternative Learning programs versus homeschooling.



We look forward to meeting you and your family. Please reach out to the ORLA Office with questions. (360)596-7730.