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Welcome to the Curriculum Resource Center/CRC Library


Please follow the tinyurl slide show to put your books on hold today! 

Remote book check out instructions for Destiny!


CRC Online Resources:

Destiny Library:  

A visual platform to show users recently added books and popular titles within our system. Users can search any title, new or old, in the CRC to see if we carry it. Each title that we carry in the CRC shows if it is currently available for check out. Destiny Discover is updated daily.


CRC Book Donations:

If you would like to donate any or all of the books on our current WISH LIST it would be so appreciated! The kids are asking for more and more and we don't have enough copies for every request! Thank you! 


Library Book Wish List


If you would like to donate money toward the purchase of books, please visit the bottom of the webpage and select Donate Now. Slide to the bottom of the list and select ORLA and under Item select Donation for Reading in CRC. Thank you very much for any and all support! 


CRC Volunteers:

We also would love volunteer help re-shelving and re-organizing materials and resources. Please consider spending some quiet time some morning with us! Ready to Volunteer at ORLA? 


Check out these local resources

The Olympian:


Seattle Times Newspaper:

  • The Evergreen State College Library

    The Daniel J. Evans Library is located at TESC in Olympia, WA. it is an accredited public liberal arts college and a member of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges.