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ASB Fund Reporting

The Washington State Legislature has amended RCW 28A to include new publication requirements for ASB program funds as described in the image below. This document will assist school districts in generating the necessary data to meet the requirements through reporting options in WESPaC’s Budgetary Data Mining. For more information on the law or legislative changes, please visit the Washington State Legislature Website at:


Associated student body program fund — Publication of information on school district web site.

  1. Each school district that has an associated student body program fund must publish the following information about the fund on its web site:
  2. The information under this section must be published for each associated student body of the district and each account within the associated student body program fund.
  3. If the school district web site contains separate web sites for schools in the district, the information under this section must be published on the web site of the applicable school of the associated student body.
  4. No later than August 31, 2014, school districts must publish the information under this section on their web sites for the 2012-13 and 2013-14 school years. School districts must add updated annual information to their web sites by each August 31st, except that school districts are only required to maintain the information on the web site from the previous five years.


  • ASB Programs and Funds Policy 3510
  • Finance-Associated Student Body Moneys:  Chapter 392-138 WAC
  • Publication of ASB Information on school district websites: RCW 28A.325.050
  • Associated student body program fund—Fund-raising activities—Non-associated student body program fund moneys: RCW 28A.325.030


Intent - 2014 c 211: See note following RCW 28A.320.055