Running Start

Running Start Information for Parents


  • Students are required to take a computer placement test (CPT) at the college for entrance into Running Start and complete an SPSCC Admission Application.
  • Tuition costs for up to 18 community college credits are paid for by the State of Washington. Students are responsible for Student Fees, books and parking permits. Limited financial resources may be available through the college to help with these costs.
  • Course work is more intense and more material is covered in a shorter period of time at the college.
  • The rules of confidentiality and attendance reporting are different than the high school. A college has no obligation to provide progress reports or to report a lack of attendance. Grades will only be issued to the student.
  • Running Start is only available to students during the high school academic year and therefore students taking classes during the college summer session are required to pay tuition. It is the student's responsibility to provide an official college transcript to the high school registrar for grades received in a summer quarter.
  • The college calendar is different from the high school calendar. A college student may be required to attend class during a public high school vacation. The first week of spring quarter at the college is generally the week of spring break for the high school and students are expected to attend classes at the community college. The start of the college quarter frequently occurs two weeks after the start of the high school trimester and final exams are usually a week or more after high school finals.
  • The expectation is that college classes will be arranged around year long required classes at ORLA.
  • It is the Running Start student's responsibility to adhere to the ORLA Course Transfer Guidelines in regards to ORLA graduation requirement equivalencies.